Nagy benches Justin Field for Andy Dalton


And another team and their actions. That aren't making a whole lot of sense now. Are the chicago bears and head coach matt nagy because this week matt nagy came out and obviously he's in a win or else win or lose your job type of situation in chicago but nagy came out and essentially committed to andy dalton as a starting quarterback this week which is just bonkers especially when in the nfl draft. You traded a future first round. Pick to go up and take justin fields out of ohio state number eleven overall justin field as your future. Even if matt nagy and gm ryan pace. Aren't there certainly hoping that justin fields shows enough. This year this season not just to save their jobs but to position the bears to go back to the again and maybe win a playoff game and show that there can be some promise with this quarterback in that franchise and i think the justin fields has that ability. I think that when you watch him he can make all the throws. He's won a lot of games at ohio state. He's not your typical state quarterback he committed to penn state transferred to d- committed to penn state rather went to georgia faced a lot of adversity in georgia overcame at ohio state. One big games has all the arm strength. has all the accuracy can throw on. The run is mobile. And you're gonna put him on the bench holding a clipboard behind. Andy dalton

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