The Cicadas Are Turning Into Dismembered, Zombie Sex Fiends

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I've talked about brood. X the currently emerging group of periodical. Cicadas a number of times on this show in preparation for their return across the eastern us. But now that they're here. Things have gotten even weirder than some of us expected quoting. Npr a fungus called massive spore which can produce compounds of cathinone. Amphetamine infects a small number of cicadas and makes them lose control. The fungus takes over their bodies causing them to lose their lower abdomen and genitals and it pushes their mating into hyper drive. End quote or as reported tear. Gulshan described it on twitter cicadas. They're tripping on shrooms losing their genitals and have a rampant std problem incredible stuff and quotes tripping on shrooms. You say well not exactly although there is apparently another type of fungi called opio. Cortisol which attacks cicadas while. They're underground pushing them to emerge onto the forest floor early where they then die and the fungus sprouts feta's body into a mushroom. Yeah it's wild but this other one missile bore which is infecting about ten percent of brood. X cicadas right now. It causes symptoms. That are making some scientists. Refer to the infected cicadas as zombies and flying salt shakers of death. Here's a bit more on how it all goes down quoting the washington post periodical cicadas or those that appear on a fixed schedule. I encounter the fungus when they're just underground as the insects. Climb from tree roots to the soil surface and away to specific temperature. The fungus germinates infects the cicadas said. Brian love it. A postdoctoral researcher at west virginia university. Who co wrote a twenty twenty study about the fungus about a week after the cicadas emerge signs of the fungus. Start to appear. The spores forced the back half of the insects bodies to fall off love. It said revealing in eraser like mass of fungus. As the cicadas continued walk and fly apparently oblivious to the situation the spores fall off and infect other

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