Help! My sister is pressuring me to join her MLM

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My sister has recently a multi level marketing company. And she won't stop pestering me and the rest of the family to get in while we can. I made the mistake of agreeing to go to one of the presentations. Now i'm worried. I'll end up getting excited to and wasting my money. How can i back out. And what if missing the opportunity of a lifetime just getting. I'm pretty much sure it's not that. But how are you sure that all of these programs are so bad. What do we tell her. Thanks for your help press carolina. It's a tough one Thank you for the question. I do this from time to time or variations of this about how there's a friend or family member that says this is as caroline said the opportunity of a lifetime. And you know it's probably not and the person usually knows that it's not the opportunity of a lifetime they understand. It's probably not a good idea at all. But they're not quite sure what to do. And so you know. Here's what i would ask a person who is you know gun-ho about a particular opportunity like this. I would say well. How is it going for you so far because often the messaging with these programs is very much about lifestyle aspiration. It's the promise of something but the results are quite different from the promise. So you say well. Is it really working out that way for you so far like you've said a lot of good things about the potential but how is it working out not just for you but also the other people you know in the program and almost always what you hear is well. I'm just getting started. But somebody else out there is doing really well and you know. It's a fact that the vast majority when i say vast majority. There's actually been studies about this. It's more than ninety eight percent of people who join network marketing programs end up losing money. And that's why even though we try to feature lots and lots of different ideas here on the podcast. I don't feature anything to do with network marketing because if ninety eight percent of people are losing money then i don't think it's because they're all just lazy or they're all doing it wrong. It's more that these programs are set up to mostly benefit the people who start them so assuming you know that. What do you do when you're in the situation like caroline where your sister or somebody is really excited about it. I think what you do. is you try to. You know not make that person feel attack or defensive. You encourage them to see the truth for themselves and you ask questions like that like oh how is it working for you.

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