A highlight from Exposing The Church of Daisy ?

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Hey there people welcome back to shady night show. i'm. I'm max in Here we are we are. We made three weeks exactly exactly. That's a that's a good Monthly cash that's on that's on the early side of that. We don't to be which group but in a month totally a month. So we're back max. That's pretty good new. Not much man. I i I got a shot. I got sick. I got better. Did you get sick from the second shot from the second her shot. No problem second shot most people again. The second shot i got tired. I you know. I had a fever for a day after i even have either. I got super taken a bunch of those before. But i can imagine this is what it felt like. It's like all. I wanted to do with sleep. all right. that's like. I got i got i got home and like i was lying in my bed. Trauma close on the light on and just passed out. Fully quo like yeah. That's my that's the only thing that happened to me. Which i was tired for companies like. I got my second shot in that night. At about eight o'clock. I started thinking to myself man. You know i'm a little achey. My skin source for some reason. I got it right up on your right arm it now. I was like working that alive. Grace i got a little bit but not bad but that you know i said to. My wife said it's weird. It's like i have all the symptoms. I feel all the symptoms of fever. But i don't have a fever right. And then she felt my head and she's like dude. You have a fever. Because i didn't believe her. Because i never brain and turns jeeter talking. Gibberish like no. I don't just have all the symptoms. Bill i don't want to do you know who i you know. I ran into the other day labor. Remember bob bob bob. I don't remember his last name. Right about k right. Yeah and simba. Bob probably like three or four years. And i ran into bob mueller day just randomly and he's one of those guys like even though you have been forever that he's been forever seen them like you talked to him and it's like it's like it's like talking to run. It's like twenty minutes. You're you're fucking regardless of you gotta go somewhere. I ran into him at target. But we're talking about bob with the beard right. Yeah all right yeah. He doesn't have a beard. No more dude. I mean he's got like a he's got like long hair was weird. He was like he was a totally different. Do it was weird. I'll get into why it was weird because we have like. I said we like wanted to be in a thirty minute conversation in front of because he just doesn't stop talking you'll well there. Are those people talking. They just don't stop. I mean those people who like i mean. I've got something to say. They won't stop talking. Didn't even every time in your mouth. They're just going ahead and opening their mouth and over doing that right now. Anyway so you were saying yes. I did recognize the story. I didn't

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