How to Get Enough Protein for Your Body Weight


What are the questions i get asked. Probably most often sides you know. What are you eat. Is how much protein do i need and protein. Protein needs vary if you are going through a very stressful event. If you're healing from a surgery or an illness you are going to need more protein at the very least what i tell people as a half gram per pound of body weight a day to me. That's the least but if you've got more stress if you're healing i push that up to three fourths of a gram per pound of body weight Day so i divide that over two to three meals depending on if you're eating two or three meals and if you're like when my son was in the hospital thirteen fractures healing from a massive traumatic brain injury We had him up at a gram per pound of body weight because he had massive healing to but for most of us. It's probably in the range of half scrammed to three fourths. Scrammed per pound bodyweight fest. An easy way to look at it. Do you wanna get really scientific. I'd actually have you do your body fat. I'd look at your body mass. And i do it based on that but in a most of us aren't looking at that in this gives you a pretty good Target to go hit. So what does that look like. So i'm assuming that your weight is about one hundred and fifty pounds or close and you're looking at hitting and let's say you're looking at hitting Hundred grams of protein a day. Well let's look at that protein in the morning. So in the morning i take mice meaty mix and i actually use one of my paleo inspired mixes and one of my plant. Mix them together. That gets me. Probably twenty two grams of protein. Right there then if you add in anything else like i add in some nut milk and maybe i'll add in some pressure. Ground flaxseed meal generally you'll get a shake that's going to be somewhere in the twenty five to thirty grams. Probably more like thirty grams approaching. So that's how you start out. And i really liked to start off the morning strong. You want to have protein in each meal.

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