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The Justice Department's inspector general, Michael Horowitz, has begun an investigation of the Trump Administration Justice Departments of Parents Secret 2018 subpoena of the phone records of at least two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee. The apes, Mary Clare Jalonick reports. It's not altogether clear why California Democrats Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell were targeted. We do know that Trump watched a lot of television. There were others a lot of television coverage of these Russia investigations and that Adam Schiff and Eric Swallow were frequently on cable news channels talking about those investigations. Other than that, we really don't know if there was a specific reason that they were targeted. The secretive move came as Trump was fuming publicly and privately over investigations in Congress and by then special counsel Robert Mueller into his campaign's ties to Russia. The Justice Department is reviewing a series of new restrictive state voting laws. Soccer Madani has more, Attorney General Merrick Garland says A lot of things are open to debate in America, but the right of all eligible citizens to vote Is not one of them. He says the department will double its civil rights division staffing as it looks at new and existing laws to make sure they don't violate federal voting rights. Garland says States will also get guidance about mail voting and post election audits. SOCCER Megane Washington A Chicago police officer on medical leave at the time of the capital assault took photos of himself inside the Capitol wearing a Chicago PD sweatshirt. Police Superintendent David Brown says Caroll Cheswick faces five federal misdemeanor charges and he violated his sworn duty. Participating in the siege on the capital in any way was a betrayal of everything we stand for. Our oath. The law Jesuit, was stripped of his police powers this week. His lawyer says he's on desk duty. This is a P news. The Associated Press won two Pulitzer Prizes in photography for coverage of the racial injustice protest send the coronavirus toll on the elderly. The teenager who recorded the police restraint and death of George Floyd is awarded a special citation by the Pulitzer Prizes. Darnell A. Fraser was cited for courageously recording the murder of George Floyd and highlighting the crucial role of citizens in journalist's quest for truth and justice. Ah,

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