A highlight from The French Open Catch-Up: Round Three - Federer fights; Sabalenka stunned; Big 3 vs. Italy; Sloane Stephens delight; Medvedev finds clay mojo; CAS update; Grass season begins!


Underway in nottingham and stick out a came. We have reached the halfway stage at roland garros. We have got round for coming up. We're going to be looking back on around three today and it's going to be. It's probably the first round has been affected by rain this competition and it feels like with some of the batches we've had particularly in this round. It's been very much straight-sets regulation quite loss of them. Across the board. I fill out the tournament goes fan. I feel like we're just waiting for week. Two to begin we are. We have had a couple of really kind of make your tussle kind of matches but especially that budusa brockton match. You'll get on later discuss. But yeah i feel like we definitely need a bit more more firecrackers to lie. Talk the tournament. He hasn't been full of these epic Slam much as perhaps usually get bit more of but It's been he's been good. We had our latest nightime finish last night with roger federer still doing well past midnight in paris for sure and Yeah we have recording. On morning joe before the fourth round begins and it was. Actually i remember this time. Last year was the day that she beat talib and surprised the world and what she still paying just this. This is still just like winning trump to set your in rolling got which is which is crazy but we will say get onto that but yeah let's start with what you federa last night on the night session of just before we get into that. That was the sixth night session match. Do the was from. The male side. Serena williams obviously debt. So there's been a lot of questioning with regards to that scheduling. So they know to be honest. I feel like the nighttime watching That the baby is dislike the batch you dot one because you waiting around it. So solis this. What they're you could go ahead finish your midnight which could disrupt your routine in the next day as as roger federer found out. Yeah it's not a great you know it's not there's fan so there's no sort of atmosphere per se probably won't be playing in the day and i mean that may change. I think because the curfew ju to to end or to change sometime this week. But yeah i know i mean when it comes to the fabulous scheduling all the men's matches Would you expect anything else from the front and shut veteran we've seen that sort of scheduling in the past. And i wouldn't expect anything less from them. But i think no i mean. I think they should absolutely schedule move. Women's marches for the noise. Or even i mean could they start the night session earlier and have not much is like every grandson does what from wimbledon of course to be. Only if i'm on the women's side this is the soviet equality that actually. I would be okay with by having some lay the the night match at the moment having said that when the fans back in i just think they will add so much particularly in the in the evening. When it's going to be a bit more rowdy is going to be a bit more energy and yeah i think that federal cup fa match that we had it was really dramatic and played out in front of no one. I think i will. Misconduct benefited koepfer. In the sense. That was no fans there and he was ca get on so if playing his game but it might be in a completely so to it. Maybe it would be a smooth story pops for federa if there were fans that kind of cheering his name and don't really anyone or in the in the camp. Yeah and eat a roach. Federal came in four sets very very tight sets of three tiebreaks and he managed to just break for the ended up fourth set and then serve out say yeah. He was a bit on the right. You know you cut for one that second set and then when up fourteen in the third and my of be like edrich be heading home He wasn't playing can be great And i feel like now is his biggest concern really is his is his fitness. Because he's said he hopes us he hadn't practiced for that amount of time in the run-up he hasn't had much match practice of see leading into the tournament so this was kind of a big test for how he was going to hold off and have to say joe. This morning i was interested in the news. You know you're saying that he may pull out of the tournament because He's got to see how he's how is as de reagan nova so he wants to save it for for wimbledon. And it's perhaps this much has taken a big toll out of him and overseer bureau shave if he does have to pull out of his if his match with bertini i which will be tomorrow but solve say seems to be dotty like can he really does. He have any hope of of going deep in islam. If he called lost one lung match i date. Yeah of clay is on the body clean does take its toll in a different way to of course is like cross which is a little bit softer by i would say federal so far up in up in pleasantly surprised i mean yes he lost and to on his comeback in in geneva but i think in roland garros looked on a pretty good and or as best as i think we can hype from someone. He's coming back from so much time off from tennis. And you know. I think for me sort of come back. The we've had lost six weeks or whatever on the clay season for fedora. A thing is it's one for be the is is really outside. Think with the roger federer we know from a fee sees the guy who in times of the matches he has played. They have all been very great. T i feel like match against cup for the chile match where he was gone. A time violation getting angry and Again was the four set full set job the and do hard matches. Well was you know we're not seeing like serene of progress from one of the you know the tree. Great is open. Very sort of gritty. And as you said a lot of effort has had to be put into these matches. I mean three hours thirty five minutes on court just to get from round three to round full approaching one. Am in paris. You know that is going to take its toll on me. Yeah i could see him. Getting paul's bertini should his body hold up for that. Can you eat well. I i could see him you. Just maybe gang paused but he would then have navy back in the quarterfinals and one hundred percent federal is losing that one pretty comfortably. I think so i feel like you is absolutely the end point roger federer he would not get any of the navy and it just sounds like he's gonna decide later on stay whether he would weather now. It'd be the perfect time to take a rest in adults wimbledon. And i just say for me it's like you.

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