Apple Still Has a Lot of New Stuff Coming



Apple had their keynote. I believe that was yesterday. And it's been a pretty chill dc. At least from i out side observation of like from the smattering of conversation. I've seen on twitter And like in work chats and steph. It feels like this one. It's it's not the not the fireworks show as it were right. Yeah i would agree with that. I feel like and this is true. I think for microsoft is true for google ceo lake. Not there weren't great announcements and there weren't things that people are excited about but this it's almost like we've had like last year there was a lot of maybe part of it was allowances because we've been in the pandemic that point for just a couple of months and things have been built up and and this year it just feels like know. It's fine but there hasn't been anything that's being like. Oh my god like it's like last year you know the in one mack was obviously going to be massive regardless right it took on an even bigger kind of prescience with everything that was happening in the world. Now is just kind of like okay. There's some cool stuff coming but nothing. That's going to you know like revolutionize everything no i really agree with that christina last year with the move to 'em one i mean this was that was like the the nuclear weapon of w. d. c. keynotes 'cause every apple developers. How is this going to work. Where am i going to be able to get hardware. What's going to be compatible. How oh my god am. I am i. I mean that was last year's keynote. So anything into that is is going to be low key and i also. I think it's worth saying that like a lot of my fears. From last year's keynote largely did not come to fruition. It's been very smooth transition

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