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The alliance make it clear to putin to europe and the united states are tight. The g. seven is going to move now. Let's talk schedule. Here's a brief rundown of his itinerary. He'll start with a meeting of the group of seven. Also known as the g seven on the cornish coast in england than a summit with nato allies in brussels belgium before concluding with a summit with russian president vladimir putin in geneva switzerland and this last meeting with putin is perhaps the most critical part of the trip. The decision to meet putin has now been the subject of much internal debate for one experience foreign policy advisers who have watched putin jack meetings with recent. Us presidents wonder what biden could possibly gain from meeting him now less than six months into his term others wonder if now is really the best time to meet. Given the recent ransomware attacks directed at the us infrastructure that have originated from within russia. And of course not to mention the treatment of leader alexei navalny but after two phone calls with putin remain convinced that face to face talks with the only adequate venue to truly engage the russian leader. Now within all of this biden will also seek to reassure about america's role in the distribution of the corona virus. Vaccine the way biting sees it. The stakes of first trip are nothing less than democracy itself. He aims to night with european allies to counter the growing authoritarianism of china. And then we'll confront putin face to face for biden. The fight of democracy versus authoritarianism is one of the defining

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