A highlight from Was It Me or Our Astrology?

Modern Love


Dare to love. Scenes inspired by estee lauder new fragrance. Beautiful magnolia part one fire escape by writer alejandro castro cossio year. The entering remember five stories up on my fire escape. Just you me the sounds of new york. They're still that's sweet scent in the air from the gardenias three months since you moved to la and it's all still here. I was actually wondering hang on now. The yourself in love the new york times. I'm dan jones. And i'm merely is the modern love podcast. Today's say is about fate and it's about horoscopes. I check my heartfelt actually every morning in bed after checking the weather. I had no idea and while i don't put too much weight in it. I keep coming back every single day. The essay is called the heart. Said yes in the horoscope said

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