An Update on The Trial of Brice Rhodes


We have three individuals in custody three being charged with murder and the police are hoping that one of them will turn on the others and talk now under question captain. Bryce roads denied any knowledge of what had happened to larry maurice. He did tell cops after talking to them for several hours quote. I need a lawyer man. If you're going to keep all in my face now taylor. The other individual in custody also initially refused to talk and tell detectives what he knew so police are going to turn to this antoine carter the youngest of the three and he decides to help out do the right thing and he tells police. Exactly what happened to maurice. And larry ann wan said that on the night of may twenty-first leading into the twenty second he and bryce roads and the two brothers and jacoby taylor were all hanging out at prices. Rhodes place now remember captain. I said that it was important that bryce roads mom said she was out of town when whatever went down went down ray price as successful and famous rapper guy that he claims to be in. The neighborhood lives at home with mommy. Of course that's because he's spending too much money at the job every stomachs right. So taylor in maurice get into a fight at prices place this is. What's being told to police that. Marie pulled out a knife. Bryce roads hit murray's and took the knife away then an also maintained that larry and maurice had stolen some money from bryce roads. This all these actions leading up to their murder. Now i want to be perfectly clear here captain because it's not clear to me. How much of this is true right. There was an altercation that these two boys stole from bryce roads while since chance at none of that's true but also makes it seem like they pulled a knife and then bryce took the knife away therefore it being some kind of act of self-defence right right because the rest of what an would tell. The police is basically what you mentioned on yesterday. Show that bryce roads afraid that he's going to be implicated for murder by these two young box the he decides the best way to get them not to talk to shut them up permanently and kill

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