A highlight from #93 - Open Banking with Nathan Coffing


I'm good. I'm conservative mike. Ask the little that i have left and driving my guess kausar car when a lot of concern gas but You know. I'm living in the southeastern united states where Our guests supply has been affected by two things one is cybersecurity attack that happened on the pipeline that fuels a lot of the southeast. In the second is by panic buying everybody rushing out the up their tank all on the same day. It's the same thing that happened. You know read after covid where everybody had to rush out and buy toilet paper volt things. Yeah i saw a picture of you. Feeling gas tanks and putting them into the trunk of a car or something like that Maybe make a few extra bucks on the side here. The good old american way capitalism that of thing we all knew her bunker so actually you bring up the pipeline thing so the latest that we have as of wednesday may twelfth recording this. And this'll go out into the internet in all of our listeners on the following monday seventeenth That it's is that the pipeline hack may have come from the exchange vulnerabilities that were widely touted. A couple months ago. I think was back in march. Or whatever means and yet again patching didn't get in place and wasn't remediated in here. We are another ransomware story in our. We're seeing prices on gas. Go up because of that but also because of the economy. I think starting to open up a little bit here in the us. So i guess. Keep those systems patched while. I think you know a lot of the rents were attacks. Are you know eventually. Boil down to basic blocking and tackling. We talked to dark jas cunningham on the show a few months back and you know he mentioned that these types of attacks are moving downstream not that utilities and kind of core infrastructure is a far downstream. But they're going from new government agencies bags down to you know companies that haven't seen themselves as prime targets in the past. But i think what you. And i have seen a lot of organizations. We work with is that they're understaffed. And you've got a lot of You know not enough people running around trying to keep up and they're doing yeoman's work and there i m heroes but if they don't have the tools like mfa everywhere There's only so much that they can do. And so you run into these situations where nobody wants to end up on the front page of the newspaper. But the certainly what's happening. Yeah i mean job security. I guess right Human arrogance involved and people start to You know fall behind. I think you know one thing that we see a lot. Right as underfunded undermanned. Understaffed teams Really doing heroic effort to keep organizations as as best they can but they can't do it all the can't do it forever so something to certainly consider. Yeah well hey we we've been talking a lot about That by the end of this year. We're hoping to be able to do some business travel again. It's there's nothing like a year of no business travel to make you miss business travel But i think you'd agree that probably the faith business travel is conferences because we get to see and interact with people in our industry Hopefully when that starts up again we'll get to meet a lot of the folks who listened to the podcast. But i had an interesting story and that our guest today Is somebody that. I met at a conference at actually. A couple of four draw conferences. That i can recall one of the cool things about four drop was especially in the early days. Was you know the location of some of their conferences. In a lot of times. The two that i'm thinking of in california which is such a beautiful state but the a soul mark conference center it was like a pine forest right on the woods and our. I'm sorry read on the beach and it was such a cool place to be. And the other was at the ritz. Carlton half moon bay in the bay area and while i mean could pick a better place to to go for work trip. Yeah i enjoy going west for that for for conferences. i'm california guy side like it So speaking of our guests. Why don't we go ahead introduce Nathan coughing he is the head of strategy at cloud entity. Welcome nathan to the show. Thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me really really glad to be here. Thanks for going to the way. Back machine There's those are wonderful conferences both technical point of view as well as you know the the atmosphere actually phenomenal idea sharing in kind of growing the. Im states yeah. It's fun to interact with folks I do miss the conference thing. I you know i never thought it would say this. Is i miss being in the line to get onto a united flight scrambling with two hundred other people. Trying to fight for overhead stays or under under seats bays may be so maybe at some point here in a future that will resume. I know we're gonna talk today about open banking and how that has started to. I guess we'll open up right for organizations start taking advantage of But before we get to that. I think it would be helpful for the folks who are listening to kind of understands your journey. You've known jim for for time in prior roles and sort of You know the maturation of your own career. But how did you get into the im space. Is it something you chose or did you choose it. Well we gotta go in the in the way way back machina. Back to the netscape planet. Days where i was.

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