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I grew up in dallas cowboy fan never in a million years Imagine not being a cowboy. Once i put on this uniform and put on this star Through it all do the two years. I guess you can say or more There was never a slight doubt in my mind that i wouldn't wear the star for the rest of my life that i got jerry jones. The group there in dallas still wrapping up the press conference today about this one hundred sixty million dollar man speaking about his massive new contracts more in moments on that you'll hear what everyone had to say. Also were fifty days away from the nfl draft. Someone here today is going to tell you why. A quarterback subjected to go in the first round similar to lamar jackson. Stay tuned for that the nfl life. You see kimberly martin. Marcus spears is there and booger. Mcfarland will be joining us shortly as well. But guys we've again with dax. Let's start right there. Just a little reminder. You see that the dollar sign around dag. It should be as many dollars with positive. That's all hunting. But anyway he bet on himself. He's still got his own exactly wondering sixty million dollars record one hundred twenty six million guaranteed for three years average forty two million per year. Dachsie see him. Get into the podium right there today. Here's more of what he jerry. Jones had to say about this deal eagerness excitement anxiousness to give this organization and the jones family everything that they invested in on. That's a super bowl and that's to go win pressures privilege and i'm privileged to have it. I'm privileged organization. They believe me. They put their faith in me. Said if you know me. I am a walk every day with the fate and what i believe in in. My expectations are so high. I believe my expertise for myself a higher than anybody's out there. The truth is most anything that i've ever been involved in. That ended up being special. I over paid for every time and as you said you saw me walking out here i've been on that field back there healthy. I'm getting close. But i'll be ready when it matters. It was great to see dak able to walk away that he was obviously a long way to go there. Still the expectations in dallas. always high. when you pay your qb like they did. They're super high. The cowboys just one of seven teams to not reach a conference championship game in the last twenty five season including the texans who first season came in two thousand and two since winning the super bowl and nineteen ninety-five cowboys. Four and ten in playoff games. This is not good. You can certainly bet prescott. New contract will be viewed as a success or failure based on what dallas does in the postseason. So marcus let's first start with what you heard dax as today what you heard jerry. Say what's your reaction to the words that were said there in texas all of the fires that were burning and all of the things that would go on haywire. And it's funny. How a simple stroke of a pen can just get rid of all of that. Talk what i saw was a confident dak prescott and that's exactly what we thought he should have been even before. This press conference took place. We talked about leverage. We talked about his positioning as far as a new contract and the things that he could do based on where he was sitting in the cowboys franchise and there so went to see him. Just happy like we first of all what people to understand how much that has been through throughout this process of us talking about his contract so the bit of relief the bit of excitement hearing him talk about him and his brother tad hugging and thinking about his brother and his mother who who they loss. It was just great. It was refreshing. That felt good. It's the kind of stories that the nfl give us every every once in a while you see all of the things come together and happened the way you think they should happen. The process was loaned. It was a lot of frustration. It was a lot of things that we talked about but all sitting there at the podium is the really the only thing that mattered and for them to get to this point. Kudos to jerry jones dak prescott steven jones in this organization as we told you booger mcfarland supposed to join us. Dillon with some technical issues there. I've got something else for you. Marcus but kimberly. I want to go to you on. Just the overall offense here now that we know that. That's going to be in position as their quarterback. Zeke elliott some pieces there. How does this all fit in for you as you look at this entire thing laura you know the first thing people are going to say is well deck. Got his money now. He's got a show out on the field. The is all ondeck. I disagree. I think just as much pressure as on zeke. Because let's face it. He got his money already and what we saw last year was not the same explosive guy that we've been used to seeing out of his five seasons three of them he's rushed for over thirteen hundred plus yards right. But there's two where he didn't even crack a thousand now. He's got to be more consistent. He has to take care of the football and i know people are going to you know get on twitter and say well but he last year he didn't have that for most of the season makeshift offensive. Line a lot of injuries. There's reasons for the struggles. And i get that. But if we're gonna say you got the money now pre that you earn this guy with his fair but that's what people say. Then you gotta see as to like when you were signing that contract. You aren't giving any the money to any of the other. Places the alignment zach. You've got to also step up. And i think this is great. The band back together deck is onboard. He's he's back in the mix and so. This is a key point for the cowboys. Everybody's gotta show improvement. Yeah our band is finally together. Now that we've got booger mcfarland in the phone book. Fashionably late here on the show. So dak side book. They wanna make interesting exactly. You made a grand entrance. They've got the tenth the draft in free agency before that right. We're we're coming up free agency just next week. What should the cowboys be focused on laura. I think it's got to be their defense. you're right. They got so many weapons offensively now that they got dag. Signed a plethora receivers were cd lamb and cooper and all those guys offense of line is aging. But it's got to be a defense abysmal against run. They need help inside of defensive tackle. They need help opposite. Digs at cornerback. Safety particular by law. They need a lot of things on dallas's defense and you can say we've changed coordinators from nolanda dan quinn but you name a great shelf and i'll show you a bad shift if you don't give him great ingredients so you gotta give him some ingredients to work with to make sure that they can put a formidable defense on the field because that defense was poo poo poo poo i we. We didn't get very far on the show without a drop. I mean the one thing to dan quinn. Either way the scheme going be simpler which helps everybody involved. Listen we just passed the franchise tag deadline.

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