Demi Lovato Comes Out as Non-Binary


A quick. Tmz story about demi lovato and ask you this question You can pondered as i read. How could you not make fun of this. How could you not make fun of demi levato new status as a. Here's here's just a quick story. Demi levato has announced a has an announcement about their personal life as they launched something new professionally. It's the demi now identifies as non binary. Therefore they're changing pronouns. The singer revealed they're happy to share the very personal moment on their podcast. Demi went on to say changing. Their changing can't even read it. Changing their identification pepper best represents represents the fluidity they feel in their gender expression allowing them to feel more authentic and true. How can you read that. And i won't read it like three times and it still confusing. It's still awkward. it doesn't work. How can someone say we must support them. Levada and change singular words to plural to just satisfy this kind of bizarre moment in her

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