Innovation and the new Roaring 20s: Anton Babkov & Tom McCarthy


On the show. Today i'm joined by a couple of innovators in the area of real estate automation. That's rex lab. Ceo anton babkov and rick crm. Hit of product. Tom mccarthy so welcome. Back to the show and tom and the show for the first time. Tom glad to be here. Yeah really really excited. Thanks for having a say well. It's it's great to have you back because we've had some great chats in the past. And thomas mentioned your first timer on elevates they can you describe exactly what it is j. x labs. Yeah so. I'm the head of product for rex. And my role is basically purely focused on the on the crm in coordinating without design and development team. Basically chart the cost for the product. So i spend a lot of time talking to customers getting product feedback and then taking that feedback to product team and working on building new features and solving new problems and moving the product ford and a bunch of ways. Amazing and radio. I think you'll buys have changed on the website. Because i was reading them before we walked in here. And they great. By the way and anton you describe yourself as doing all sorts of ceo things including hailing. Take news and jumping up and down with excitement. What's the in may jump up and down with excitement in the race in recent months. Oh god what i. It's an exciting time. It's such an exciting time to be alive. The roaring twenties of back. This is my big name. I think Covid has done some really interesting things in terms of people saving money and also suppressing some of those instincts that we have to travel abroad. And do all those things as we don't destroy we're gonna be stuck here for a little while so it's really interesting. Seeing how people are translating that into into creativity and Into some you proceeds and is really fascinating with the money. Money supply people are starting to spend some of those that was squirreling away. What's happening with the property market. What's happening around climate change. What's happening in technology and being at the cross section of that business. That that's definitely got me jumping up and down with excitement at the moment. It's extraordinary such an amazing time for the industry. Such extraordinary time for the industry to make hype all the signs but also kind of knowing that this really strong fundamentals that are driving some of the gross and some of the activity that we saying. It's a really big macro changes. It's just an exciting time. Who wouldn't be jumping up and down.

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