The Difference Between Taming and Treating your Mental Health


Is a mental health epidemic but one in six adults use psychiatric medications. One in four americans will go on to develop a mental illness at some point in their lifetime. And why is all this happening. What's the problem what's actually going on. We'll we're treating mental health from name. It blame it team at approach. So what is this name. Somebody comes in and they're diagnosed with anxiety the name it. Then you say okay. We're gonna blame this. On your biochemistry in imbalance serotonin or dopamine. Then we're going to tame it with medication anti-anxiety medication let's say benzodiazepine. And that's really what it's doing it's taming it. It's re reducing the signal that your body is giving because anxiety and depression are signals signals. That something is going wrong and these medications or quieting those signals. Sometimes we do need to tame these things and sometimes it's really important to team that you can actually get to the root of it Efficaciously if somebody's in a place where they can't handle the treatment than teaming at makes a lot of ads. What is the solution. Now how do we move out of this epidemic so our solution is to really switch our focus and have its paradigm shift around mental health. Mental health is established when a person is able to feel whole we have certain human requirements certain needs and these need to be met in order to feel whole when these needs of a human are not met when chronic illness rises. We'll talk about what i mean by these needs as we go on. We need to start to focus on wellness promotion versus joe symptom management so for just treating anxiety with an anti anxiety medication. And that's really symptom management. Were not getting to the root of why was this person anxious in the first

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