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Stick around town down in another episode of dumb people town population. Trae ho ho. Welcome to the show my friend. How are you doing good. Thank you guys for having me. Great one of our favorite comics out there one of these guys. Who if you don't know who he is on fast. Dude i mean we were just talking about. We split a weekend with you in phoenix where we did. Some early shows you did. Some is very rare that after us doing a whole show of our own show that we would want to sit down and watch another comic. Do his show here was the thing we said. We'll stay and watch like five minutes. The you know just doing and we will stay and watch the in. We came up afterwards. We're like we stayed in. Watch the entire hour. It was that bad. they're like. Oh this is too we gotta tell him to get out the only way a comic will stick around in the bombing of and i love this guy so much and it that was like we gotta get you on and then the pandemic had But now we're here so again. The special that you did kind of off that material is called. Stay at home son on showtime's still find that shirt. Yeah you can download it. The best thing for you would be if someone downloaded it on itunes or whatever i love it i love. It's such good but you are uniquely positioned to help us try and figure out this dumb world because we believe the world is getting dumber. There is nothing we can do about it i. I'm actually pretty dumb myself. So i like to consider myself a consultant. I can tell us about the embedded expert the finger and say look at that w we say why is that are they. Tend to see that led to take. What they were doing was was a good idea. I love it. So let's jump into a story right away. Sent him by katherine. Brian at brian. Katie brian. Thank you why. I n k ty pri girl think Ready for the headline. Yes man stuck in fan shaft is this diet. Is the plot of die hard four. I've heard someone say just the tip. But i've never heard say just just sanchez. Put in the chef photo of this guy when the cops stock in a fan shaft and this will be on the body into stuck in a fan shaft and our kelly song. Yeah tao one. We wanted to look at it. So it's like a huge okay win generator like lately. But he's like what's better than being in front of the fan. I'm going to go emma. Get inside the fan on like like something like a drunk uncle.

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