A highlight from MFM Minisode 237 - The Worst


Many so bring it at you. Your letters your stories. Your urban myths passed down to us. And read back to you in your face into your face for the year. Twenty twenty three go. I one no subject line because apparently the the website doesn't take it anymore right high free friends and also the host of the show. When i was in tenth grade. We had a sex ed class once a week. During our jim period and during our discussions sur- just lost my place immediately and during our discussions we got into the topic of consent and rape. This is when our gym teacher shared the following story with us. That still gives me chills to this day. She had a close friend during university. Who worked at a local bar. She had big red curly hair and a personality to match so she made friends with the patrons really easily she had one guy that came in somewhat regularly who she would talk too often and tell him how her classes were going and just other small talk. He was handsome and charming and always tipped well so of course she never turned down a chat just by chance in all their talks. She never happened to mention to this man that she was planning on quitting her bar. Job and moving into her boyfriend's place across the city and this is what saved her life because it turns out. That man was paul bernardo. Shut your mouth. He had found out where her parents house was that she was living at the time and would watch her for weeks from the window and videotape her in her room. He thought he wrote in his journals about her referring to her as quote big red and this is eventually how she found out she was one of his potential victims because this is how he would often greet her when he would come in. Oh my god we're talking the scarborough rapist. We're talking the ken and barbie killer. Paul bernardo the worst thing that come out of canada and some band that could be a funny reference rate year. That's canadian the night. He planned to attack her happen to be the day after she moved out so she never came home to her parents that night therefore saving her life bernardo was caught pretty soon after i believe. And that's when she went to the police after recognize him on the news and they put the pieces together. She even to watch some of the videos. He took of her just to confirm it was in fact her god. How unnerving yeah. You'll never feel safe again. I learned about your podcast from popular influence and fan. Shoutout dr pepper princess. Who's someone's calling me. Why someone calling the doctor reprints. Doctor ask her if she heats up her. Dr pepper around. The holidays makes hot toddy out of dr pepper princess. All right if she is oh yeah she's a murdering an influence earn probably too sure. Yeah thanks dr pepper princess and have been hooked ever since. Thanks for helping me get through my work day and make my boyfriend occasionally think i'm plotting his murder so yeah stay sexy and don't make friends with serial killers just because they tip you. Well amethyst was excellent. that was an incredible excellent amethyst. Good job good job. this is what we like. This is a staff. I want to hear one about. Ted bundy's car. Hell ya que. Hey karen georgia stephen and chorus of furry pals. Okay all right. We were talking about jon. Benet ramsey at a party and ended up with a bunch of nonren- arenas in that classic party huddle where everyone shares their hometown. Favourite murders dream

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