Pioneering Comic Paul Mooney, a Writer for Pryor, Dies at 79


A popular comedian who work closely with Richard Pryor has died perhaps you are not as familiar with Paul Mooney as many others are but if you have ever crack yourself up to the humor of Richard Pryor Dave Chapelle Eddie Murphy or even homey the clown from in living color you definitely know his work mony has died he was seventy nine his publicist says he died of a heart attack at his home in Oakland California Muni and prior began their friendship and working relationship in the late nineteen sixties they went on to write episodes of Sanford and son and prior insisted on having morning aboard as a writer on his now classic turn as a host on Saturday Night Live in nineteen seventy five other comedians like chip Helen Murphy made use of movies biting wit and heart age as he told jokes that explored racial issues with both humor and truth I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

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