Interview With Founder of Body by Leslie, Leslie Karpman


The gosh this is so fun and exciting. This is going to be a really awesome conversation. I'm so excited to share with with people on this conversation with my amazing listeners. How we met because it's a very vulnerable part of just my story of you're my sponsor an alanon which were gonna get to you but you're also an incredible woman entrepreneur. You are one of the top instructors in pilates in the fitness game in los angeles which we're gonna get to all of that And how all of these things connect rate alanon. The twelve steps tools entrepreneurship being a leader. All of these things so with that with that sad. I'm so happy to have you on the podcast. And i would love to share just a little bit about who you are and your journey of your own pass through creativity and entrepreneurship. Oh my gosh. it's so cute. See you like really in your head that smile. Well you know scott. I've i've always been entrepreneur though. Obviously when pandemic hit it was time to to get moving you know and they feel like people in the world of fitness and training either really went for it or kind of fell back and you know. I've always been a go getter which we can talk about with with all of the alanon stuff. Long gets that part of the conversation. But you know it's just like i jumped right in. I was doing i. G live you know two days in and creating flyers which are embarrassing to look back at you know but putting them up on the page and then like something really amazing that happened was you know one of my writer dies. Shutout tamimi this amazing dancer and director and anyways. She told her mary. Gosh my body seizures. Doing these edgy. Lives and you know. Mary told allie and allie told kaley and told kate. Kate told rachel. And rachel told catherine it was this whole like amazing positive contagious. That was coming out of

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