The Story of Pecos Bill and the Tornado


Once upon a time in the wild west a little boy named bill fell off a wagon by the side of the pecos river. Now a normal baby would have cried. His eyes out that this boy was different. He crawled up to a mama coyote and just acted like one of her pups. It was a little hard with him. Not being as hairy. But he was raised by the coyotes for years until his older brother eventually found him and brought him home years later after that he went by the name of paco's spill and as he got older he became famous for being the toughest bronco buster there ever was and he proved it time and time again. Now in case you're a greenhorn. A bronco buster is someone who gets horses used to a saddle. Some horses are okay with being britain but others not so much the fastest and strongest horses. The best for rough riding would fight the saddle. They had to be ridden through the fighting until they got used to it to make that happen someone would have to try and ride while they were still wild. Of course the stallions would buck and spin and kick and jump and go absolutely wild until they sent their writer into the dirt. It was a hard job and bronco busters where the people they called when someone couldn't break a horse themselves and when you had a horse too tough to mean to downright nasty for a buster. You called paco's bill. Bill would travel around the wild parts of america looking for adventure and boy did he find it on his travels. He singlehandedly doug the mississippi river battled the bear lake monster to a standstill and fell in love with a wild woman who rode giant catfish down the rivers. And all that. It's just the first go round in the rodeo of bills life

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