Should Military Members Have a Vaccine Mandate?


Now congressman. I advance the proposition in the washington. Post yesterday. The military ought to require vaccinations for the virus of every member in uniform including every government employees. Did oh the national guard. I don't know if that's come up before haski yet. But i am concerned not about the dealt or even the epsilon variant but variants down the road that might be vaccine evading and even more very lynch and target young people etc. Has that been discussed. What do you think about that mandate because the military when you were marine. I'm sure they didn't ask for your permission to give vaccines. It has been discussed by the chairman. Adam smith and i believe if memory serves he sympathetic to your argument. I'm not there yet. upset couldn't be persuaded. I just i. I certainly think the vaccine should be readily available for every active duty service member in reservists. Who wants to get it but for me to be convinced that a twenty two year old in the prime of his health needs to be mandated to get the vaccine. I've just not there right now. But it's certainly something that's being debated on the armed services committee and certainly we don't want the delta variant to sweep through the armed services find his way on an aircraft carrier a fight his way onto a destroyer and make combat ineffective the already stressed naval force. We have out there at something. We absolutely need to be on guard against. I myself am vaccinated. I think the vaccine is a remarkable technology. I think it's a remarkable accomplishment of the trump administration. That's my choice That's the choice. My wife and i made a together. We feel very comfortable and safe with the whole thing. I've done my best to promote it. But at the end of the day. I get hesitant win. For example the left suggests we need to vaccinating children in schools. I thought dr. Marty mccarey made a very persuasive argument wall street journal this week. That the data just aren't there to suggest we need to now. I know that's a different issue. Hugh than the military being the accident. I don't want complete those two arguments. But i have a little bit of hesitancy when we start to talk about mandates for the vaccine at the same time i wanted to everything possible to promote the vaccine which again i think is a technology. That's not just gonna help us now. But it's going to unlock a ton of subsequent scientific

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