Why Does Vaccinated Nancy Pelosi Have COVID-19?


Lockdowns. Bounds are coming again and masks coming because we don't even know the efficacy of this vaccine. Nancy pelosi staffer contracted boven. Today's that right. That's right and the texas democrats left washington dc with budweiser. They came home with corona and vitamin them is that right by the texas democrat. They don't have to wear masks on airplanes. I hope and pray. Nancy pelosi has dropped support. One handy i hope and pray she can come out and say that ivermectin saved her. Life is the vaccine at this point. Not going to save her life. Though nancy pelosi will get the best in the world probably be fine. I don't wish death upon anyone even our political opponents. They obviously how they do things so plant. Nancy pelosi has and she got the vaccine. Even if you got the vaccine you might not be inoculated against it but you might have the down right. So we're seeing the nine seven thousand nine thousand seven hundred fifty nine counter all these numbers. This is this is the con game. That's being played right now. Is that no. One has any agreed upon information. So hey cnn. Where's the ticker on the side of your on the side of your ridiculous news broadcasts of adverse events due to vaccine how many deaths according to vaccine with four thousand nine hundred three deaths according to bears. It's been that way forever it the cova death count on. Cnn was going up every single day. It hasn't been updated since the ninth of july. By the way some people think that some people think that the vat the the there's is like one tenth of the real number a certain whistle blower says it's over fifty thousand so nancy pelosi is contacted over. Nineteen is that because nancy pelosi hang out the democrat. probably why. I thought that. Nancy pelosi wears masks all the time about masks. Prevent this entire thing.

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