Why Are Democrats Staying Silent Over Cuba?


Congress. Enjoyed very strange. Can you give us any insight. Your on capitol hill fighting a good fight. Why have nancy pelosi and chuck schumer being so incredibly quiet in the last week with regards to the historic events occurring on the streets of cuba. Yeah yeah no. I it again. I i think it's an indication of where where the left is today They don't want to stand up for freedom they don't want to stand up for individuals who are actually Expressing freedom you know the you got cubans putting up the american flag you got cubans talking about freedom. You got cuban talking about You know just how bad it is under a communist regime. I've actually had the opportunity to go to cuba there. Twice my background's in the sport wrestling. I competed there twice. Back in nineteen eighty eight nine thousand nine hundred to get to tokyo any real cubans without somebody watching. You know. it's amazing people but you could. You just got to see firsthand. What happens when you have a system that doesn't allow property rights doesn't allow capitalism doesn't allow freedom doesn't respect the rule ball in any say you see how bad it is and again i was. I always say it's not about the people we're all human beings. We're all the need to god's grace but when you have systems that repress freedom like like they do in cuba you see how bad it gets and those people are yearning for what we enjoy in this great country yearning for an opportunity to be able to set goals. Have dreams and go. Make them happen which you cannot do in these communist systems and to have democrats not speak out in favor. These individuals In cuba is is again. I think in indication just how crazy become and when you have. High obama holdovers high officials in the state department congressman jordan. Say that The demonstrations because of covert and the shortage of vaccine. Give me. nobody believes this thing today. Sebastian and you know this. You've talked about this many times. Nobody believes what comes from the mainstream press cause time and time again we've been just you know they tell us something. They push narrative and then we'll learn months later. Oh that was completely false just like we thought it was at the time they were saying so nobody trusts what the mainstream press says it. This is one of the great things. President trump has highlighted so well for the country's you can't trust the fake news because it's fake

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