U.S. Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette Believes Work Is Key to Economic Growth


She's a veteran. she's a patriot. I love what it says on her bio on twitter pennsylvania. I america. i follow her kathy for truth. That's kathy the number four truth. Tell us what you would do for pennsylvania if you get elected to the senate here in dc. Why you know what. I mean if you listen to mainstream media and democrats is all about the color of my skin You know you see a running around weaponising. The color of my skin. The black person and saying this is the only thing we need to talk about. But yesterday i was up in erie county. I will enrich one of the economic development zone opportunities. don't have to come in Blighted community in fact if the poor zip code and the nation and i'm walking around and see the millions of dollars has been invested. Their based their tax bank is going from one hundred seventy six thousand dollars a year to two point. Five million dollars over the next two years added what we should be talking about in this nation. Not the insidious evil of critical race theory to make our country. Great a great a great again but we should be talking about. How do we grow our economy. Nothing incentivizing people to stay at home. i'm traveling up to seven hundred miles a week going on all across this day and every single business person i think whether the manufacturing or just dunkin donuts everything person who say they cannot find people to work. And then you listen to Joe biden with brain the other day talking about he created the market and employees market. Which tells us they are doing what they're doing to our economy as it relates to so many things when we're talking about the border whether we're talking about inflation what it talking about it says advising people not to work. They're doing this intentionally. One of my number one goal is to focus on growth. When i get to washington. Dc how do we grow the economy that lists all vote where everyone wants to work and take part in this nation how to do that but secondly being able to bring a strong voice and and and character to are to that particular space.

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