As Lumber Prices Climb, DIY-Ers Cut Out the Middle Man and Mill Their Own


The price of lumber has more than doubled over the last year so concern consumers with home improvement projects are looking for ways to save. One of those ways is extreme. Do it yourself. We're talking about milling your own lumber. Emily swing reports from anchorage. Hans styles spent the winter building a sawmill from scratch in his garage. Water saw mill. I can make a lot of stuff with it. They also need to learn how to weld. Dow sawmill is about half the size of an upright piano today. He's cutting dozens of boards to build garden boxes. I he rolls a nine foot log into place and then was born the ear plugs. Because it's kinda loud then. He fires up his mill guides jagged metal blade through the long dow spent three thousand dollars to build a sawmill. He'll save thousands on future projects a shed and a bench maybe a dresser

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