The Epic Games vs. Apple Trial Has Begun. Here's What You Need to Know

The Vergecast


What we are not going to enter is the end stage of apple versus epic. Not my best segue. But i'm sticking to. I was wondering wasn't great but at a year it's week two of the trial. The first week involved a lot of executives on the stand a lot of internal emails. I would say everybody was a little loosey. Goosey with document production this week. It's a bunch of experts like antitrust experts and things have tightened up a little bit. But there's still a lot going on. Yeah so it's we had one day of more executives. The most fun weird thing of the week happened which was that. They fought over a banana. And then since then we've had three days of expert witnesses who are just getting into incredibly exhaustive detail about how you define the market that everyone is fighting over. Yes so if you are coming to this cold. And i am so sorry. If you're coming the chest in the middle of a little jealous you're coming to this. Cold apple makes the iphone. Is you mean. We're not now on the iphone. Starting here if you are coming to the verge cassie not apple on the iphone are god bless you. You're out of your comfort zone. And i applaud you but apple iphone to do an inept purchase for most things. You open the app you want to buy something for anything digital apple takes a thirty percent cut trish mall developer they take a smaller cut but for big developers at scouts. Thirty percent that rules on bendable epic which makes night which to bend this rule. They put fortnight on the phone and they issue a hot fix. Their word is part of something called project liberty also their word where they put their own payment system into fortnight bypassing. Apple's payment system apple kicks him off the store. Epic files antitrust lawsuit. Here we are

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