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On the hardwood. The Lakers air still the second choice to win the NBA title, according to Fanduel, behind only the Brooklyn Nets and their favorites to win the West. Problem is a technically they're not even in the playoffs yet they need a win and the plane around. Wednesday or Friday, if necessary, just to get back into the postseason. I haven't shot to defend their title, LeBron James and the Lakers take on a Steph Curry and the Warriors of Wednesday night for the Number seven seed in the West playoffs. And if you've ever seen the Star Wars franchise, many of you have, it's a trap. Probably playing out in your head right now that It could be a trap game, Folks. Also Wednesday night out West number 10, San Antonio and number nine at Memphis. Things kick off on the East Tuesday with number 10 Charlotte at Number nine. Indiana number eight Washington For seven. Boston Getting to the number eight for the playing around in the East is that big comeback for the Wizards? Who started the season? Oh, in five and three and 12, and we're shut down for two weeks for Corona virus related issues. Breaking news on the way you've got a f N o the news you need America's

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