Frost, Pendleton Pike And Tom discussed on WISH TV's News 8 Daybreak


Will hold into the mid eighties this time. Next week. Frost last week. Terra, I am your 90 by this weekend, Okay? Yes. All right. Let's take a look at traffic conditions will take a look at the near Southwest side along. I 70 right around Harding Street. I will reduce See that rain coming down and traffic beginning to pick up in intensity a little bit as well. And I do want to let you in on our Tom would automotive group map. We still have this incident. This is a fatal crash or mobile news tracker was tracking that earlier this morning around MLK Street and Red around 16th Street. That intersection is now blocked. If you want to use an alternate, you can use the North's Senate Avenue to get around that closure again. The North split is completely closed. Give yourself some extra time in the morning to get around that I 70 on the East side Looking pretty good and east side drive times. 13 minutes along Pendleton Pike along I 70 coming in at 17 minutes and Greenfield to 4 65 Right now at 21 Minute Morning, try thank you terrify 50 to 57 degrees, relaxing policies still ahead, the stores that are no longer requiring fully vaccinated customers to where mass. This is Wish TV also on 93, w y VC Mobile news and Indiana's own. Statewide

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