A highlight from Retro RHLSTP 11 - Sara Pascoe


Finest friends welcome to another retro. Sta where i pick out my favorite episodes from the past to give you a little insight. If you're a newcomer into what's realistic camby the kremlin critic. Not the all of the podcast. I do on the kremlin crime narrow. It's all cream with a tiny bit milk at the button. Gonna meet sour is delicious. This week is the first place we're going back to the autumn of twenty fourteen. Maybe september or october nobody tober fourteen. This was recorded the same week as last week. We did two shows at a week. That's a little secret as last week's retro house two per water classic week. That was if you were in the audience of that last week. Steve coogan this week. It is sara pascoe. Her first appearance on the show has been on a few times. This is my favorite one. I think there was just. I think she's one of the stand ups certainly in the uk if not the world but what i love about is that as well as being very funny. She is grasp of serious issues as well This past goes between being silly and fun and and serious and cup tackling more interesting not more interesting but more. I mean comedies. Interesting to me but bigger issues as well as having lots of fun and i was very pleased with the joker made about. Would i lie to you not having enough women on it so look out for that. I like it when my joke am. I can remember them all they. They come up so rarely nice off the cuff jokes. That's what we like We will carry carrying putting these every friday at the there are new episodes every wednesday and we do have live shows coming up at the square theater and at norwich norwich on august thirteenth. Hopefully they'll be more tickets available sold after the moment but as social distancing as relaxed. And we've got some brilliant lineups for london. Less square theater in september october and hoping to livestream those as well so you can still be a part of it and see the live. Show on edited haven half. You can't get the theater if it's sold out gutteridge hang dot com slash gigs. You can see everywhere. We are coming and who the guest saw. We've got the confirmed so far anyway. Let's sit back and relax. And then get rid tents them. Relax again having listened to a retro rasta justa with the brilliant

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