How Many Songs Have Questions in the Title?

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Many great songs have a question in the title. It was a lot more than i thought. There was just looking at their suggestions. I was thinking. Oh maybe there's twenty songs that are like that are popular amand. We i was seeing. You know up to fifty one hundred tests. Ask a question in the tidal. And i did a google search found a list that had over a hundred song titles and so what i did is i said okay. I don't know this one. i don't know this one. I don't know this one. And i got it down to eighty now. How many of these are regan. Considered great will be an interesting discussion. Why don't we start with bob on. How many do you think we are going to vote as great fifty four gary thirty seven scott forty five in junior fifty five. I would have said like sixty so. These are in alphabetical. Let's get started with. Ain't that a shame fats domino. Yes that's the highly recognizable song eight that is like rain. Years did the great cover. I'm drawing a blank. Cheap trick all right. Are you lonesome tonight. Elvis presley tuna. Going back to the oldies bill bailey. Won't you please come home. Well that's the real name of axl rose. He'll name. I would vote for that. Just because papa's delicate condition was a movie where jackie gleason starred and. That's a silly song. I would vote for it. But i don't think anyone else we'll give it any love anybody else so yes on that one. Very old timey. It's a song idea recognize. It's a song. I know okay so we have two but three no

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