The 1914 Visit That Changed Australia

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So do australians have a show really enthusiasm for scientists and does it. Matter will consider a book based on a visit over one hundred years ago when three shiploads of scientists from the british association here and thousands turned out. It was like the beatles. Fifty years later professor linnet. Russell is director of indigenous studies at monash and book is called a trip to the dominions. The scientific event that changed australia net russell. I'm fascinated to hear that. The british association advancement of science which is similar to the one. We used to have an aesthetic or dan's s. And of course the triple. As in america which is still going strong is one hundred ninety now and was just before the first world war nineteen fourteen. I think it was three phipps and one hundred seventy. Five scholars came out to australia for war. What was the purpose. What was the plan. There's a couple of things that the federal government really wanted to do. The first thing was they wanted to showcase australian science so they were keen to bring these scholars almost overwhelmingly min to australia. So that they could show off. Innocence thou- early development of science and they were very very excited about the opportunity it had been talked about for several decades prior to the actual nine hundred fourteen meeting because they had in the nineteenth century thought about whether or not they could get to australia and in fact went to south africa. And the thing that really amazed me as well beyond the scale with the ships and all the rest of it is that when the various scholars from britain arrived they had public events to which thousands turned up even then. It is absolutely astonishing. If you look in the back of the report there are literally thousands upon thousands of names and these are sort of just ordinary everyday people their mechanics for many palms and their schoolteachers from essendon and from someone from q. And this is the melbourne part. And they've got just so many average people who obviously had a great interest in science and we're very cain to come in here from the world's greatest scientists

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