A highlight from Happy Hour #406: Flashback Friday - Bianca Olthoff


Catava is loaded with over seventy super foods and nutrients we're talking about maca root ges's sasha inch e camus camus monkey berry asai coconut. Liz goes on. You gotta go check out the entire ingredient lists yourself. It's really impressive. And hard to pronounce the team at catava has spent the last decade obsessing and perfecting this one product. And you can really tell you all the best stuff all in one shake and it can be a full meal all by itself to fuel up your debt. Catava started this in the jungle on the side of a mountain during a health retreat. And now it's blowing up into a huge craze. Their mission is to bring together the world's best superfoods into a single ready to go meal to help busy people stay healthy on. The job is great because everything you need is already in the bag. You don't have to like find a bunch of different foods and keep going to stuff in your freezer and refrigerator and powders and mixes in your cabinet. It's all in one bag. Just put it in your smoothie. Put it in your drain. Just eat it and then you get full and

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