My Top 10 Areas Where American Common Sense has Gone AWOL


On today's episode, I'M GONNA. Give you my ten areas where American common sense has gone Awol. At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man and I'm not that old mind you. I'M GONNA, go out on a limb and say that there seems to be a lack of common sense in the world today. In some places, it appears to be either ignored unrecognized or just flat out dead. Sure. Every generation probably says this at some point, but in the year twenty twenty I, believe it actually to be true and not just the grumblings of someone pining days gone by. So what exactly is common sense? Well, the Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as quote sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts unquote. Okay. That's pretty good. But let me amend that with an even simpler definition. Now I've developed this definition carefully. Years of fatherhood, and if tweeted, even more recently in light of the fact that holly and I currently preside over three teenagers for whom common sense is often a mystery. Are you ready. Here's my tweaks definition quote common sense means not being a dumb ASS UNQUOTE I don't normally use obscenities in my riding and I'm not sure that dumb ass qualifies but you know if the shoe fits. So it seems like in twenty twenty. A very large swath of America's population has climbed aboard the dumb ass express their lack of common sense on full display regardless of their level of formal education. If he were here today the late great comedian Jerry clower would say that some of the folks were seeing on the nightly news are educated beyond their intelligence. Anyway to do my civic duty I feel that I should point out some of the areas ten of them actually where I believe commonsense has fallen by the wayside and offer my Doofus Dad perspective you can by the way via doofus but still have common sense in let me offer my apologies in advance if you feel offended or see this simply as a political thing, which it is most certainly not it is a common sense thing. Imagine that. You're late. Great. GRANDPA. Who for years ran a general store out in the country and? Kept a vegetable garden and served as a deacon in his shirt and would insist on whittling homemade toys for his delighted grandkids. Imagine that he could see what's happening today. These might be the things he would say and that I'm saying now. Number ten. Buying up enough toilet paper for the red Chinese. Army because of a CO VID freakout. Yeah. I know this one is obvious and low hanging fruit. But I wanted to mention it anyway. I understand that the world had a collective freak out session when cove was introduced this spring. But I'm pretty sure that the virus doesn't really involve a need for greatly increased but wiping. Common Sense dictates that had we all just purchased our normal allotment of toilet paper? We would've all been. Okay. Instead people were buying up Palette loads of the stuff and shoving it into every available orifice of their homes like squirrels, hoarding acorns prior to a bad winter leaving the rest of the scrambling for anything resembling toilet paper short of the local newspaper. I mean, come on people.

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