He's just there happy that the baby's OK, eso Adam Brody said. I have a new kids since I last played.


Also just feel like Oh, the gosselins are Kate Gosselin is just like Drooling over this story. They just are so though because of the attention Yeah. And because she just despises, Jon, you know, so anything that you know, makes one of them look better than the other or makes the other one look bad. Like Can they go away? How sad. It must be to live in a world where you're consumed by the hate of another person. That's not even in your life anymore, right? Yeah. So we'll move on to that goodwill gesture. So again, we're going to take another turn. And we're going to talk about Will Smith and the first Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Janet Hubert, those two have had a decades long beef. Yes, but on the 30th anniversary of the show last night via Instagram They Apparently reunited, patched it up. They patched it up. Will they sat socially distance from one from each other while filming a reunion special. Did they? What I want to know is Did they have a chat about it like we're they like, Hey,

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