young adults forced to move back in with parents amid COVID-19


Week. That shows just how hard the virus has hit young people in their pockets. More than half of the nation's young adults have been forced to move back home with their parents. Now we haven't seen numbers like this since the Great Depression. 52% of young adults 26.6 million people now live with their parents. More than 2.5 million have moved in since February, when the pandemic began their not renting apartments, not buying houses. Slowing the economic recovery with a basement bedroom that has a sheet for privacy. Jacqueline Children's gives herself a pep talk every day myself about it. This is temporary. Like all things are and you know, it'll be OK. What she dreads is the thought of turning 30 and still living in her parents basement. Mark Strausman. CBS NEWS Dunwoody, Georgia Introducing

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