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Hey, guys welcome to the black GRONER's podcast. I'm your host lying and as you probably guessed. Unless? You've been hiding from it. We're still in the Kobe nineteen. We're still hanging out in the pandemic. Times out of ten, you're probably trying to figure out what you're going to watch on the streaming service. You know what movies are out right now and at the same time things are being canceled and push bag. But every once in a while, you can find like a little project, a little indie project this last through that, you can check out the me wouldn't have got the tension in the past and the past Hollywood because reinventing these days. It's all. Got Me thinking I'm like well Andy Andy Projects `Dinu thing now for Hollywood can be a new formula for how Hollywood Cannes film because they're used to the smaller budgets and used to make things work. But you have to take my word for it I. Do have an expert with me today. My guest today is Indie director Trey Haley and he's has had quite the influence on bt plus if you see where I'm going with that. He also has a series, the family business, always a bridesmaid which features the visa which you guys know by the way is going to be bad woman. So I, had the in my head to point that out straight and his his my favorite project of his at ease erected is called note to self. It's like a really cute romance movie like I don't know if you guys are check this out as Christian keyes Letroy. Lucky I just it's. So it's so I love I didn't know I didn't know you directed this trey and I decided to get shot because that's one of my favorites. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome. Go ahead I'll. I'll let you take talking to know enough I just want to keep you up here. Appreciates you. Thank you for having me on and. Yet notice we shut that several years ago on actually Christian actually wrote that moving Christian keys actually real. Wow. Okay. So that was cool. When you know like you said, Eva was evil Pickford and I mean, that was a really fun movie to do that was Yeah. It looked like a lot of fun like I was always wanted like so you never know I guess and I'll get we'll. Get hopefully we can get a little secrets from you and and how you've got an industry but you never know when you're going to get another one of those projects but to me it was so cute I would have wanted a second one but you never know what's going on you know with that kind of stuff and you know that world and Hollywood and everything right? Right? No No, you know That wind just it was just that one note to self. Really what? Part to ever really created for it but right right Sometimes, we get the part to sometimes it's just like you know it's like even always a bridesmaid people keep asking. Is there going to be a part of this? You know no Yvette Nicole Brown wrote that movie and that. She's now. Made her thing we we should make our to we'll let you know what would Yeah Right. But yeah. So yeah, that's cool. But yeah. So you have a lot of a lot of products going, which is really dope because you kind of like I think it's really cool. your career by the way when I was researching because you, you're kind of you're kind of under the radar but not necessarily like your hat and stuff. It's just Hollywood had this weird way of like surveys out there as we know yeah, yeah. It's it's one of those things I think as we continue to go. Yeah we like let the work speak for itself. You know a lot right now what we do, they see what we do. We also consider ourselves in indy studio in meaning like we you know from locations to our resources out here in Los Angeles to the relationships we have with distributors in allowing ourselves to be positioned to where we still have ownership within our property that we create and collaborate with networks or distributors where we both owned The property together you know like. Fifty or or licensing deals where we bring in the capital two so that we have some crew you know more creative. Input into what we're making so that we'd contrite or read about the Dome of these projects is well. And do you feel guess going on what I was off the top? Do you feel because I feel in my opinion any projects could kind of give a rollback or or blueprint for how they could go about filming. 'cause I know everybody's been question is how are they going to finish a lot of these TV shows? You know how they're gonNA finish she's movies because you guys correct me if I wrong with you guys deal with on a daily basis. Okay. Budgets. How am I going to get this done with this little better? You know these amount of actors yeah. Yeah Yeah we look like we we always say we. We do our best to quality you know every new project, we just make sure we're growing and building and building level. We can make sure that are actors are excited about working but the big thing for us is given people rolls that they don't often get. As one of our things, you know when we cast, we look for opportunities to give people unique. Like we say, Hey, will you know what this person may be interested in his role because they've never done this before you know right earl instead of looking at somebody and say they will never do it. They may actually do it because they've never done it before it's kind of like the Halle Berry scenario with monster's ball right nobody. Yeah. That role because she was at the time is far will you know obviously, they didn't even consider her it first for this, but then our passion to play something. So different. Placed her into this situation. So it's a of actors here that are just always been putting by. So doing the same thing, you see them doing those same. Sometimes, they always win the same role. What's not good that they just want to do the same role that's what they're being presented to him. A lot of times will right take you flip it say, Hey, I know you do that. That's your bread and butter, but here's a scenario. May We pay half of what you get. But right right. But it now is going to show you the value. Is it for you something different so now you can walk away from this people can say, wow, I never see this person like that before which explain exactly. So it's about also giving people adding value that's what our world collaborative company we love like whether it's behind the scenes in front of scenes we're always in collaboration and making sure we have a win win scenario with everybody we work with but then when this covert scenario as you were saying. It's also about. You know we're we're about to go back into filming at the end of the month and.

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