Amy Spowart, Head Of The National Aviation Hall Of Fame


Many years especially when right field was more impactful when the foundations of today's age were taking off so much research with here at Afrl, and there's all kinds of research and aerospace research places that are here. It made a lot of sense Scott Crossfield even said to me once amy, you're not a pilot unless you through right field everybody who's anybody flies through right field, and of course, you know in the early days, there were Ayla celebrity who always came on China and it was John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart. Who's who I remember? My first enshrinement in nineteen ninety, nine Ted Williams came at Joe Foss. We've had John Travolta Dennis, quaid miles, O'Brien all been and sees it the hall of fame event but I would say following the economic downturn of two thousand nine and companies started to pull out of the Dayton area. It was harder to get that kind of support. So while the city of Dayton wholeheartedly loves having the hall of fame here we also Need people who can sponsor because we receive no federal state or local funding at all whatsoever. So we have to depend on aerospace aviation companies industry to support US and in Trimbe it was a big help us getting brand recognition. It's never been moneymaker. It's part of our mission to memorialize. So we need people to support our education and support are learning center through sponsorship. So what we decided to do in two thousand seventeen is actually take quote unquote. Show on the road, the Oscar night of aviation left Dayton and we went to Dallas first, and then we went to DC in twenty, eighteen and Denver and twenty nineteen than we were supposed to have a homecoming here in twenty twenty. But of course, the this year has been postponed until two thousand, twenty one we're working on getting is back to the National Aviation Hall of fame in Dayton use an abbreviation there a F- on the Air Force research. Lab. So. Here Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Employees. I think it's twenty to thirty thousand people in. Southwest Ohio, and only about less than half of those are active military. So there's a lot of research scientists here, and that's where the United States air force does all their most important research everything from what they're going to build aircraft out of to what their munitions do and Jet Propulsion. It's all located here in Dayton at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Still is very much a hub of aerospace activity. especially from the military and. Speaking of which there are signs that the or the appeal of aerospace is not resonating with the youngest generation do you sense that and if so is the hall responding in some way? It's hard because it's just like covert. The company's nonprofits that survive cove. It are the ones who are going to adapt and react to the situation with kids with this next generation they're not so much looking up lake weeded or the generation before me did Neil Armstrong stood in one place and what's fair to the sky and we all know the Wright brothers played with a little plastic helicopter type thing that inspired them. So we need to appeal to kids in. What interest them? So that might be if they're interested in the environment, they WANNA make less noise from aircraft. They want less jet fumes from cargo plane. That kind of thing we have to say, why not you? Why don't you figure that out? It makes me think of enshrining clap Myra who wanted a safer jet plane. So he thought about it and thought about it and he Allen Clapp mark came up with this idea of putting a parachute on the top of. A plane and everyone's like that's not gonNA work except the vision jet is pretty remarkable. So what we need to do is have kids interact or read about or they have to know who Bill Mayer is, and it isn't just Alan Shepherd. It isn't just the astronauts it isn't just the inventors it's all the Chinese and they can inspire kids more than just an aviation. It could be designed it to be dreamers that could be artists, but if we all have. Heroes. That's what gets kids going and if we give them a problem like make less noisy aircraft or might be a kid who's a Gamer and they sit on the computer all day, they're actually going to be fantastic drone pilots. We just have to recognize what they're doing and adapt to it.

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