Sol de Janeiro Co-Founder Camila Pierotti


So Camilla you're from Brazilian from Rio, tell us about what life was like growing up there. I had a very happy childhood. Brazil is a very special place for me my sister and I grew up very her suction at Hanley. We Love fancying we love eating. So an obstacle up the beach. So it was a very outdoorsy place to to grow up in and just a lot of energy and happiness beauty for you in Brazil how is that different and who were some of your beauty icons growing up? Oh, Gosh. The beauty icon for me growing up I mean obviously started my mom and my grandma there just seeing them and their approach to beauty what was their approach to beauty? It's this concept of always be ready Brazil's have a word they word. In particular is actually considered a good thing. Versus be overly produced Brazilians of spend a lot of time making sure that they're always ready. You know taking care of it. It's like a daily control versus you have a party and he spent three hours getting ready. It's about what you do every single day is there a diy Brazilian beauty secret that everyone does but that might surprise our listeners in north? America like about bridges are very big into going to the So that aren't many betrayal to there's one thing that resilience love and they do this either at whom or on the beach, and it's lightning the hair on your arms or your I on your belly. Always do at home or on the beach. What do you do? It's diy you have a mixture at home and you Li-. You know like the says share or a lot of. Women think that. Brazilian, remove. Hair. Body about his not true. A lot of women will keep the here on the side and the belly to that's something that that they'll do at home depot lighten dot that Peach Fuzz just getting rid of it. Yeah. Right now we're out of stock of our original product of it and will be to bring it back but we have a product I got which one of the products launched with what's that called it hold Golden Body Veil we'll get that back in. Stock Soon yes. So it's like a cream that bleaches the hair is that right? Yeah and even I read that Brazilian women are obsessed with taking care of their feet. Is that true or is that a myth? Now? It is true. It is very, very true. We have fetish obviously a lot of this is because of the weather, right? It's a very, very hot humid tropical country and we were sounded almost all the time I mean why are resilient and it's basically everyone. Parachute, to every household has. Vienna's so yeah, we show them off and you know president going back to this concept of always being ready. You always keep your feet soft mood touchable and I'm I am personally obsessed with my feet is my favorite body part.

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