Ryan Tedder on Covering 'God Only Knows' at Ashe Live 'in My Room'

Inside the Studio


I was lucky enough to speak to to wonderful singer ash recently, and she she hosted a pet sounds fifty four anniversary livestream that that you were involved with did absolutely incredible version of God. Only knows I was amazed who what is it about that album that speaks to you well, me specifically the first album that I ever had that. was ever given to me was beach boys. So my earliest memory of music is the beach boys. I was five years old. It's so playful. Their music is so playful melodies. You're so playful the I had no concept how absolutely insanely complicated and difficult the arrangements for that Brian Wilson was doing honestly until God only knows I I sat down I did definitely did not I definitely procrastinated but I, sat down. The day before it was due that I had to hand in that video I sat down to learn it. Sprays is pretty much like the day before it aired like I sat down to learn God only knows thinking I'll just sit down and hammer this out five seconds and then I sat down and was like, God? attack. Like he's changing keys every single phrase. He doesn't the note that I thought my whole life he was landing on he wasn't and and changing the court underneath to support the new voicing it's this constant change. The base parts are crazy. Sane like it is he's such a better writer or than I am Brian Wilson. and. Look I mean I've said this for years? No no no offense to to myself in every other modern musician writer but we're all anyone during the twenties and thirties your forties right now you're just a hack like we're all hats compared to musicians and writers of the sixties and seventies

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