Why Twitter is a Severely Underrated Platform

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Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them to a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream host dot com slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we are going to talk about why twitter is a severely rated platform that I tell you what happened with twitter recently. What I did recently, where did you do? So I started running ads for like ten dollars a day or fifteen dollars a day and what happened was one of our big clients I think everyone knows the name they saw it and that led to a upscale conversation and let too much deeper conversations and not only that I'm running this ad right now basically like a blog post and more and more people are seeing it and people with like. Blue checkmark that are reputable investors or VC's or vendors there following me they're liking this is really good for branding her ten dollars fifteen dollars a day it's done so much for me right now and not only not ballers day without regaining growth winds, ten bucks a day growth wise negligible getting impressions. The most important thing is getting impressions on these both the reach my goal with these is the reach, and so you shouldn't be aiming for like. At least for me, I'm not aiming for conversions or anything like that I think if you're running ten dollars a day or maybe fifteen hundred dollars, the reason I started doing this was because I started seeing other people running these ads extra Wilkins in for example, from tiny capital, he just keeps running the same over fifty dollars a day but I remember him and that we talk about the rule fourteen, the rule seven, whatever I just think twitter. From ads perspective is very underrated but from a learning perspective I've also talked about how to me. It's the most important social network because I learned so much more from than other social networks. So when you're using your impressions beginning Yeah I mean let me just open it right now. So while we do that, why do you think is underrated platform? So twitter has a lot of smart high net worth people on there. It's not the sex. It's not like instagram. It's not like based. Youtube it's a place where you find the likes of like the e-leong must of the world when the Bill Gates in the role constantly communicate and they liked doing it themselves, it's not like having someone who works for them postings they themselves like going on twitter and tweeting, and conversely with others or that reason I think it's powerful because although they may not have the reach you can get access to really wealthy influential people on twitter in a much more easier way than you can on instagram or case Lincoln rainy their social. Yup. I have the numbers the so I guess I'm spending a little more I. Guess we wrapped up the budget a little bit so in the last seven days so it looks like about ninety five dollars spent I think we've wrapped up from ten dollars a day so six, hundred, seventy dollars in spend one, hundred, twenty, two, thousand impressions not the greatest CPM cost per thousand impressions but to Neal's point he hit the nail on the head the people that you're reaching our high net worth smart individuals that like to pontificate they like to act they want to show their wisdom. So that's why twitter is really underrated depends on what you're selling to. Out of the impression, how many did you get your site? Let's see well, but in general like there's a lot of channels like twitter Radha contrast, the lot of people don't talk about snapchat doll during its audiences. These underrated pop why we underrated platforms for civically. But the others as Wallace is not a lot of competition for advertising Baseba can google or instagram. Google would also be youtube based also the instrument, but they're all SACCHARIN. You look from the other channels they're much more affordable Lincoln that is thriving social network from ad standpoint. It is quite expensive is a lot of companies, zipper sales and recruiting people spend a lot of money on jobless other than that I found that the other networks much more affordable. Yeah. So here's the thing. Hey, it shows how am I at cloud formed the the second thing is it's actually not showing me clicks just because I'm focused on impressions cost result is giving me a CPM. So I am not seeing clicks right now on it, but I didn't tell you. Thousand. Yeah. So something impressions, dozen impressions it's not the best CPM's around five bucks or so but I can tell you based on the up sell, and then also the people that are engaging with me and the people that are falling me as well. It's worth its weight in gold. So use it. You don't have to use it for the ads side of things but

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