Hurting for Money


Hi, guys well from Beautiful Salt Lake City Utah. It's thank God I'm atheist the podcast I'd Frank Feldman and I'm Dan Beecher and coming up on the show today. Dan. Giving out money. Just. Thrown around. Making it rain. I WISH I mean they're doing that for some. I don't know my my my. GIG economy unemployment insurance is is winding down and I don't think I'm going to get any more. So Oh, I'm not excited. About that. But no, I know the the yet the government has found a very worthy repository. For a bunch of our money, our tax money, and let me tell you dear listener. You Ain't GonNa like it. Yeah. Yeah. Not Not a good look. We'll be getting to that. But in the meantime, Dan? Yeah. There's some new psychological research Dan. Okay, that seeks to. Link, atheism. To something and I wanna I wanna I I'm curious. To hear your response. because. Is. It is it. Is it linking. Atheism STD's because that just because we're all sluts. No. In fact to. Emotional suppression. Oh Oh. Oh. Yeah. I duNNo. I feel about that. This is what I'm saying. They did. They did this research on a group of one thousand, fifty, nine undergraduate psychology students. Surveyed them right and they about their religious beliefs and had them complete an assessment of their emotion regulation tendencies, right? Okay. and so about half the participants. Were Christian thirty percent agnostic or non religious fifteen percent identified as atheist and. The remainder was A mix of Muslims Hindus Buddhists Jewish. And then apparently a smattering of others. But Yeah. So what they found is that the self identified atheists. were. More likely to report engaging in emotional suppression meaning. They were more likely to agree with statements like when I am feeling positive emotions I am careful not to express them. K which which is interesting They also took eight atheists an eight religiously affiliated undergraduates They were recorded. As they described a recent experience that made them feel frustrated or annoyed. And a recent experience that made them feel happy or joyful and. A hundred undergraduates watch those videos, right? Okay and they they watched it with audio turned off. And they they re they raided the speakers emotional expressive, nece, their trustworthiness, and they're like ability. Okay and they just based on on seeing them not here. Just watching them talk and tell the story that was an emotional story. Right. Interesting And they had absolutely no idea about which speaker was atheist or Catholic or whatever. And they found that the the atheist were seen as less emotionally expressive on average when compared to the religiously affiliated individuals. Interest. And so they say, let's see this is the researcher. Speaking says compared to non, atheist. which includes acknowledged sticks and the nonreligious as well as believers atheists are not more likely to manage their emotions by thinking differently about situation that was one of the I'm sorry there was this other thing where they. Tried to assess. After, you've had an emotional experience like. Do you try to reassess the emotional the emotions that you felt and the how strong those emotions were right. And so you're saying that the atheists are not more likely to manage their emotions by thinking differently about situations atheists are more likely to resist expressing their emotions however and people. Noticed this even if they don't know someone is an atheist.

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