Oksana Zabuzhko


Hello this is the writers. My guess today's considered Ukraine's leading contemporary. She's best known for her novel Field Work. In Ukrainian sex, which is thought to be the most influential Ukrainian book since independence as well as being a novelist, she's a pervert. She's taught Ukrainian culture at Harvard and she's won a number of high profile awards including a MacArthur Genius Grant and the Shevchenko National Prize of Crane. Donoso. Bisco welcome to. The program. Halo Halo everybody. Thank you very much for this brilliant introduction. I want you to start please by telling us about your family because you've traced your roots back to the sixteenth, century. Well you know it's a long story I don't think we should go as far as that because his late today. Than more than thirty minutes but yes, I hear do oh Lord to my family background and I think this this is visible. In. My Birthday. Especially, it concerns welby time of my childhood and. My. Juvenile formative years which passed in the Soviet. Union in the Times of the Cold War and when Ukraine was non existent and did you boss for the outside world and? Inside this song, Union. As a cultural autonomy over to her and. Not, for my family tradition yes. I am from the family of the Ukrainian intellectual the away traditional of this. Glen this Chind school generation to generation against the oppressive politics of the Russian by. The abreast and for Dixon yet union, and this kind of clandestine time identity calculated within the family when you come from the school and your parents check what you taught in school and then. You the genitive version at how it should be read or how it should be understood. Well, it it is a very special kind of experience than you know you grow. You grow up in the bogged apartment and you know that there are seven saints each can and which cannot be pronounced in the public. So, kind of an Orwellian half reality half oily, and world. which insect proved to be a kind of a good draining for an officer, a good training a for your imagination. Rainy for undestanding other people end drying to project you while into the skin you project yourself in the scheme of the other auto which you later on. Land scene is your characters a- well, and it is one of my. I would say permanent subjects in all my writings. The Ibsen fiction or nonfiction. This what is true and what is falls wrought is be a

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