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I'm sure it's fine. So without further ado, let's talk a little bit too sky about leaving inside podcasting like she just made the announcement that not only was this her last season but that she would no longer be writing for inside podcasting which I don't know if you guys know this but unlike hot pod and Pod News, Sky Actually works for a company that has asked her to create inside podcasting. It's not her own is not of her own fruition. So what came about that made you decide? No Moss. So I have been percolating in my brain for a few months I had actually talked to inside about it about three months prior and. I feel for I say that I'm super grateful to inside it opens so many doors for me to meet so many interesting people you included and so I loved the experience of writing for them but it did feel after two years like I was I was really pouring my blood sweat and tears into the podcast and the newsletter. It just felt like I was every day that I was working for them and building this thing for them. Felt like a day that I wasn't building something for me it didn't feel that. Way In the beginning but once I, sort of like established myself a little bit I just had this nagging feeling that it was time to do something new and I don't know right now exactly what form that is gonNA take but I will be keeping people posted about that on twitter and there's a few different things I'm craving one could be more ownership over something that I create one could be working with more of a team because it was very much a solo effort and sort of crave like that's why doing this. PODCAST with you guys, it's so fun for me because you're my friends and it's it's you know the sense of community that I haven't really had and you know it would be nice to get paid more. You know no one goes into journalism to make a million dollars. So I had all of that. The other thing which I think is fine for me to share is that Jason who is my boss? He's the founder of inside wanted and had been sort of hammering me for a few months to make eight paid newsletter. He's done that with a lot of the other newsletters that inside produces an I really didn't want to do that I didn't feel that my readers were the kind of years that necessarily that all of them had like extra funds to spend on newsletters that you know is my news are critical to your workday probably not it's. It's a nice fun thing to read but I also didn't want to be writing a newsletter for like the twenty people that pay I mean I don't know how many people it would have been we had. Eighteen thousand subscribers so maybe it would have been more, but the point is that what I WANNA do is to write for a big audience of people who love podcast, and so that was another had staved off for months and I knew that it is certain point I wasn't going to be able to do that anymore. So that was a big reason to for me. To say I think I need to you know it's time for me to strike out on my own I have no, there's no bad blood. There are no hard feelings. Jason is a total work, but in a weird way I, kind of love him too and I definitely am appreciative to the company and everyone that I worked with they're just as your friend. I you've never. Said anything bad about Jason that I can recall. You've always said nothing but nice things about him and it sounds like your dilemma is the dilemma of every entrepreneur whether you knew you were one or not. Eventually we all do that where even if you're already working for yourself like for me as a graphic and web designer I was working I was doing projects hourly. And at first, it was six yards and our, and then I was like wait in three hours only making one hundred, eighty bucks that's ridiculous and then I then you move it up and then you move it up and when you're working for someone else you don't get anywhere near what you would pay as a consultant and you're still like, wow, I spent eight hours there. And I made three hundred dollars and also I, didn't know work that I get to keep crap. You want your own body of work you want your audience and your traffic, and when you're talented, you know you're talented and when you're good even if you're not marketing like you know that you're good at your job and therefore wants to do it on your own behalf. So I totally get that and I think it's a big conversation right now within podcasting is that. Specific to podcasting a lot of people are producing podcasts and not getting the same kind of deals especially particularly, I. Think people of Color. Not Getting the same deals as other people are getting from the companies that they work for you know Britney lose from the nod has been very vocal about that as well as Meka Yousef created tell them. I am these are conversations that are out there happening my situation was different. I was under no illusion that I was going to be able to keep. Anything, but it is that same feeling of like you know it is weird for me. I have to say that they might continue that podcast and they'll be completely different homes and yet it really was like my creation and you know hopefully, it will always be out there but it's time for me to build something for me whether it's writing podcasting even freelancing I don't know it. I want to be more in control of my own destiny as an and I loved the interaction with readers and if I had to make it pay walled that interaction would have really narrowed and you know what I loved about writing. That was just like I had a big audience and people who wanted to engage with the and I. Hope

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