Finding Your Compassionate Heart


Hello I'm Deepak Chopra and this is now for tomorrow. Collection of actions you can do now during this time of change to make tomorrow better. To name one to to take a moment to nurture your heart. The ideal state of heart, which is your emotional core. Is Loving and compassionate. This isn't just spiritual idea. When you're saying by love and feel compassion for others. You become part of a constant give and take. The physiologists who call a feedback loop? That goes from your heart to every cell in your body. To everyone you in gone to. We've all been taught since childhood. That love is like a gift that someone else bestows. Anew. And only if you find this magical person, you will be happy. But self care has entered our lives in recent years. Ceska gives you the responsibility to create the wellness you want to enjoy for the rest of your life. No one else can do it for you. and. Months you really catch on says is a wonderful discovery. Why Linger in hope that someone else will make you better happier and more fulfilled. Those things come to only when you enter the process of giving and receiving. Then you'll find that people are source love and compassion because you're radiating those qualities. This is a case where suffering in silence doesn't work. nordisk complaining in matters of the heart, the squeaky wheel doesn't get the grease. The key to filling your heart with love and compassion is to make these your personal goals which you will attain on your own non just healing but a sense of personal power will come to you. What you can do today and every day. is to mind yourself that love and compassion are already dead and sparked of your inner life. Once you're done listening, take out a piece of paper. Take a moment to quite time alone and put your attention on your heart. Think of loving image or memory and write down. Continue to meditate on these lobbing images and memories until you're feeling of love really deepens. Don't force things and don't mind if your attention wanders. Just bring it back to the people you love. And they don't have to be real even characters in books and movies generate love. So do beloved pets whose love is often the purest and most innocent anyone experiences. As, you have this experience of love in your heart, give it to yourself. There did expand to fill your body in a flow of lights warm affectionate sensation. You will feel light and luminous everywhere. Because, you're actually experiencing your hearts most natural state. It takes effort and years a bad feeling to harden your heart. The, heart resist this hardening and takes every opportunity. To return to a soft open. Loving. That's why many people including the normally tough-minded. Feel it is safe to grind dark of a movie theater where no one is watching or observing you. The second part of the experience is to find compassion in your heart. which begins with kindness. When you seen the news or in your daily life someone who is suffering. Take a moment and let your heart go out to them. Don't dwell on the sadness and suffering. Instead, see this person with kindness. Let Yourself, understand and empathize. Ask yourself how you can help and be a part of healing the situation either through direct actions in the moment support from a distance through financial support. Or lending your voice to others. If you practice every day at feeling love and compassion in a heart, a change will occur. Instead of experiencing love and compassion privately. which for almost everyone safer than reaching out, you will meet a moment when very naturally, you will say or do something that gives you love and kindness to someone else. That this overflow arrive on its own. Just had the intention. Once you feel safe enough to be a source of loving compassion for others.

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