Airbnb Headed for Confidential IPO Filing This Month

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This is something that I would normally wait until the news was official before reporting on, but AIRBNB is the biggest Unicorn we've been anticipating, Mike Public, all year, its path to an IPO has so perilous what with covert and everything, and frankly we've discussed how very desperately the company needs to go public soon mostly for internal morale. So worth noting that sources are telling the Wall Street Journal that AIRBNB plans to confidentially filed for an IPO, this month with the aim of May getting the listing out the door by the end of the year. Let me let the Wall Street. Journal. Reminds you of how he got here quote. The long-awaited move, we'll bring one of the stalwarts of the sharing economy into the public domain alongside ride sharing platforms uber and Lyft, and sets up the next few months to be especially busy time for big IPO's AIRBNB was recently valued at eighteen billion dollars down from an earlier evaluation of thirty, one billion an imminent debut would mark a turnaround for airbnb which was founded in two thousand eight and allows people to list their homes for rent for years. The company shied away from the public markets as it grew into. One of the most highly valued startups with four point eight, billion in revenue in two, thousand, nineteen alone. It also spent big however prompting it. To swing to a loss in the first nine months of twenty nineteen compared with a two hundred dollar profit a year earlier, The Wall Street Journal reported its woes deepened late last year after issues emerged involving crime and safety problems on its platform and as the pandemic spread across the globe. So did the company's headaches people stopped traveling causing bookings to plummet airbnb three years ago valued at more than thirty billion dollars rush to secure financing from private equity firms, Silverlake, and sixty partners at a high interest rate and with warrants that when exercise would value the company at eighteen billion dollars in May. AIRBNB. said it was laying off a quarter of its staff and

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