Anne-Sophie Mutter


I cannot describe it with words what it means to have an instrument who is capable of everything. So much more of what I'm capable OSC and sometimes particularly in new musical relationship like the one with John Williams where the new repertoire asks. Also, you know different colors in different treatment of the instrument. I'm astounded endlessly astounded that this strat from seventeen ten. It all it's it's like A. Book full of medicals. It's a humbling experience because they know that the violin will survive me and I can only hope that someone after I have passed away is loving and caring for the instrument as much as I do. Violinist and Sophie Mutter is one of the world's preeminent virtuoso classical soloists for forty years. The German performer has thrilled audiences collaborated with composers one enough prizes for her trophy cabinet to resemble a small glittering country in its own right. Mercer has unsurprisingly left her mark on the great classical repertoire, well, having schools of original works written for from the likes of Andre Previn to John Williams. She's had a decades long love affair, of course, with her Violin Stratovarius impeccable heritage about which will later. I'm Robert Bounds and I spoke to Miss Mutter back in March ahead of a concert with the London Philharmonic Orchestra Celebrating The two hundred fiftieth anniversary of Beethoven's birth. Welcome to the big interview and Sophie Mutter lovely to have you Tomorrow you take to the stage of the Royal Festival Hall his in London. How does that concert differ from all the thousands of other concerts that you played how do you coach playing Beethoven's triple concerto tomorrow night as opposed to any other I've just recorded re recorded it off to forty s again with your your mom with the wonderful your mom as a conductor. And pianist of course, was an incredibly memorable musical collaboration and tomorrow evening. I will play the triple concerto with ketchup really one of my favorite pianists and Pablo Rhonda's one of the world's greatest young cellists. He's also called off my foundation. So this is a totally different musical setting. I'm very excited about this combination particularly also work with Kutcher only for the second time. And we have a great musical and also human pause. So it's particularly exhilarating and inspiring to play with different musicians. The same pitch y you know, and I'm not looking forward to renew my musical ties with the L. P. O.. I have played with these fabulous musicians motorcycle at the recording of all the motor Vyinka Eddie without conductor, and it would not have been. Possible if not for the leadership qualities of every single playoff, the L. P., O. and Robin teach. Yati was leading the program is really one of the most interesting and versatile and most wonderful young conductor. So really I couldn't be happier. So there's a bit of the Jollity of a united friendship group. That's good stuff like that bear itself out in the playing with yourself.

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