It's been nearly a week since the police shooting of Jacob Blake,


Defer to others and restore a sense that the White House Simply has some limits and some restraints. NPR senior editor and correspondent Ron Elving. Thanks so much. Thank you, Scott. It's been nearly a week since the police shooting of Jacob Blake, the 29 year old black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But authorities have released very few details about events live up leading up to the shooting. A widely seen cell phone video captured Shooting itself, but not what led up to it. Now the union that represents the officers involved in the shooting is presenting their version of what happened that afternoon. NPR's David Shaper joined just David. Thanks for being with us by pleasure, Scott Jacob Lakes. Lawyers said he was breaking up a fight, then tried to walk away. What does the union say happened? Well. The Kenosha Professional Police Association says that Blake was not at all breaking up a fight. He was wanted on a warrant. He was armed with a knife. He was uncooperative, noncompliant resisting officers attempts to gain compliance. They twice shot Tasers, Adam, but the Tasers failed to subdue him. The Union statement goes on to say that Blake fought with the officers who input one of them in a headlock before breaking free and trying to get back into a vehicle based on the inability to gain compliance and control After using verbal, physical and less lethal methods, the officers drew their weapons, the statement says. Adding that quote Mr Blake continued to ignore the officer's commands, even with the threat of lethal force now present and

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