Democrats Blast End Of In-Person Election Security Briefings

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That national intelligence director announced a major shift on election security Nicole. Killian is at the White, house. Everybody. With sixty six days to go until election day CBS News has learned the Office of the Director of National Intelligence will no longer brief members of Congress in person about elections security and will instead do it in writing in a letter to lawmakers director John Ratcliffe wrote I. Believe this approach helps ensure to the maximum extent possible that the Information Odeon I provides the congress is not misunderstood nor politicized house. Democrats called it a shocking abdication of its lawful responsibility with intelligence chairman Adam. Schiff. tweeting the administration clearly does not one congress or the country informed of what brushes doing Jeff leakers on the committee. Obviously, liquors that are doing bad things the developments come as the president and Democratic rival Joe Biden pivot to campaign mode following back to back

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