Conversations with Samdhong Rinpoche and J. Krishnamurti

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And so in this country and I have a couple of characters coming in and true stars basically Chris. Moody and some don't remember Jay and Crystal Naughty has come up quite be in these podcast interviews I've been doing I think Barry, Magid mentioned him and a your a your friend Larry Rosenberg talked of Christianity quite a bit when we interviewed. So this'll be you know people who listen to this have been sort of encountering Shimon from different perspectives. So I was hoping you would tell us about the first time you met Krishnamurti was what was The first time I drove. By the stories rather charming, a friend of mine. I was living is a bachelor by the beach in a little apartment. In a bag of plastic, excuse me a paper sack ended up on my porch and in it where eight talks by Birdie, at the University of San Diego Nineteen Sixty eight. And a series of. Talks that the Ramdas just given in San Francisco a more or less than oral history of his journey to the east. And not having anything else to do I listen to these tapes over and over again for year, we just hang a little cassette on my bedroom door and listen so listen to. Alternately, between Rob Dawson. Story and then listen to Chris steaks and then I realized that found out that he was alive. And that he was living in, Ohio I for a good part of the year. I didn't even know that Ohio existed. It was two and a half hours north of Los Angeles Long Beach where I was living. So I, drove my though Orange Volkswagen up and sat in the audience and you know just that my first meeting was that was just just like everybody else sitting there going who is this guy? There's something riveting about what he has to say I don't get it. I don't understand in other something compelling. Often. Say IT'S A. Christie. gave me a headache. You know just because there was something oblique about what he was pointing to that I couldn't quite. Grass. So this happened for several years. I came up every year then when he gave his talks in Ohi- in the springtime. And then finally. When I showed up at the Grove where they he speaks or heads spoken throughout his life there in Ohio. Grove's trees there were video cameras read. Krishnamurti was quite shy about having his picture taken and didn't want to be the Sarah Attention. Etc.. For the same reason when I you know Buddha when for several hundred years after his passing, they didn't represent him as a person that represented him as the empty chair or footprints in the sand because for the same reason that didn't WanNa have pictures agents. Saint Saint so I'm a documentary filmmaker background in television. So I I asked the people that actually the woman that gave the announcements. If this was an house production just hired somebody they said, well, they hired somebody from from. Santa Barbara to record talks and I said well, I have some experience Navy I can help. And that led to a conversation. I've met with this woman her name is Evelyn Blau and have learn I became friends and so six months. Later we were playing going to Canada which was. A trip that Krishnamurti was going to visit one of the Sanders, their Canada. So that was my first real meeting one's. Going to his home in. Ohi- a times and then we actually started production of the first film that I did which was called A. Business the challenge of change. And it was the first biographical documentary

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